College Faculty Sexual Harassment in San Diego, CA

Sexual Harassment on College Campuses: A Far Too Prevalent Problem

Colleges should be places of safety and security for students and should foster opportunities to realize your full potential. If your college experience involves sexual harassment by a faculty member, you’re not alone. Studies show that nearly 40 percent of women and 25 percent of men have experienced sexual harassment from college faculty.

At the Law Offices of Stephen B. Morris, our San Diego, CA attorneys are committed to giving you the voice and justice you deserve.

What’s Considered Sexual Harassment at College?

Sexual harassment can take many different forms. It might be pressure for sexual favors in exchange for better grades or persistent advances, or off-color jokes. It might even escalate into sexual assault. Females, males, and LGBT individuals can all be targets of faculty-student harassment. The perpetrators can range from teaching assistants, adjunct professors, faculty, or other campus staff.

Regardless of the details of your case, our Southern California sex harassment lawyers will be your allies throughout litigation and recovery.

How Can an Attorney Help With a Professor Sexual Harassment Claim?

Victims of sexual harassment at California colleges and universities are often embarrassed and afraid to step forward for fear of retaliation. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking action to stop it. Ongoing harassment can affect you emotionally and physically; it instills fear, shame, and dread. You deserve to feel safe at college so you can pursue your education without worry—our attorneys are here to ensure it.

At the law firm of the Law Offices of Stephen B. Morris, you’ll find a compassionate and confidential environment where you can freely voice your concerns. For nearly 30 years, Stephen B. Morris has stood up for victims of sexual harassment in its many forms. We’ll stand by you no matter what, pursuing necessary legal action to protect your rights and halt harassment.

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