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I finally found a place that made me feel comfortable talking about my experience … [I] was all the more reassured that I was going to be taken care of.”

– L.D., former client and victim of sexual harassment at work

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Is what you’ve experienced sexual harassment?

Chances are if it’s inappropriate, it’s illegal.

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You should never have to choose between your dignity and your job.

Feel Threatened, Uncomfortable, or Degraded in the Workplace?

You’re not alone. At the Law Offices of Stephen B. Morris, our California sexual harassment lawyers strive to provide caring, compassionate treatment to all victims ready to step forward. We’ll help you find your voice and receive the justice you deserve.

Nearly 45 percent of women working in the restaurant and nightclub industry are victims of sexual harassment from their managers. You don’t have to choose between earning a living and being treated with respect. You have rights, and we can help you enforce them.

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We’ll Help You Stand Up Against Harassment

The sexual harassment lawyers at the Law Offices of Stephen B. Morris dedicate themselves to holding employers and perpetrators accountable. Through our many years of experience in this area, we’ve helped clients through it all: bosses harassing subordinates, women harassing other women, and even college faculty pressuring students for sex in exchange for grades.

Living amid such a terrible experience is never easy. We’ll stand by you during this difficult time. Our skilled attorneys and staff will be your strongest allies and your shoulder to lean on. With nearly 30 years of legal experience, our lawyers for harassment at work will level the playing field, give you a voice, and empower you to take a courageous stance against sexual harassment.

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