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For almost 30 years now, I’ve represented men and women who, for various reasons, have been injured, either financially, or emotionally, or both. As each case has been handled and resolved by my firm, and there have been hundreds and hundreds of cases at this point, I’ve watched my clients begin to heal and move on with their lives in a good way. Some of my clients have been individuals and some have been businesses, but in each case, the resolution of the case has brought with it not just financial compensation, but also a sense of closure.

Many of my clients over the years have referred other clients to me because they believe in the way I approach cases, and, of course, appreciate the results my firm has been able to achieve. Many of my former clients have become friends. The ability to help my clients is extremely rewarding. It gets me up in the morning. My cases have been diverse, and while some have been resolved short of trial through settlement, others have gone all the way through trial, and even appeals. The cases have been both small and large. Some cases have involved hundreds of millions of dollars. Some have gotten lots of publicity, and some have even changed the law.

While I have made a difference in the individual lives of my clients over these 30 years, I’ve decided it’s time to do more on a community level. Consequently, beginning in 2017, I’m creating a “Giving Back Program,” whereby five percent of all net revenues in cases where an individual man or woman has been injured, either physically or emotionally, will be donated to charities that best serve these individuals on a community level.

These charities will include, but not be limited to,

  • St. Vincent De Paul
  • The Salvation Army Habitat For Humanity The Red Cross The Mankind Project
  • Woman Within International
  • Boys to Men

This list will also include other groups which support and assist injured persons of all backgrounds, experiences, and ages. I hope that as more and more people become aware of this new Giving Back Program, additional charities will be suggested and added to enrich our community.

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